Impacto.jor helps media organizations of any size to measure the impact of journalism on people’s lives. We do this in two ways: by developing software that collects and organizes these impacts; and providing articles and studies about how to assess the impact of journalism in society.

The purpose of Impacto.jor is:

  1. To offer media companies a new way to discover, track and communicate their impact on public institutions and discussions by influential people and everyday citizens;
  2. To help  media companies strengthen a culture of impact in their newsrooms and offer  alternative metrics to measure team performance beyond audience analytics;
  3. To build trust among media companies’ audiences and show the value of their journalism to subscribers, members, investors and donors. This, in turn, will increase revenue and help to make the case for more  funding.

* * *

How the software works

We use bots that search for mentions of the media company on social networks, government websites (for example, municipal, state and federal legislative chambers) and other places on the internet. Editors then have access to a dashboard that shows these mentions — “potential impacts” — and select those that represent some public policy change, follow-up investigation, amplification by influencers, politicians or other media, etc. In addition to the dashboard, all journalists in these organizations have access to a form where they can enter  other impacts by the media company they learn about through their reporting, and attach links or files that support this claim. Impacto.jor organizes and categorizes all these impacts, creating a database and a dossier for each story and desk. Organizations can use this informations both to improve the editorial decision process and to inform the public about their impact — strengthening their ties of trust to the audience.

* * *

Impacto.jor was founded in 2017 by journalist and developer Pedro Burgos, ICFJ Knight Fellow, in 2017 in partnership with, is funded by Google News Lab in Brazil, and the with the support of Instituto para o Desenvolvimento do Jornalismo (Projor) – Institute for the Development of Journalism.  As an ICFJ Knight Fellow, Burgos is developing the platform and methodology to expand its reach to more newsrooms in Brazil, Latin America, the United States and Europe. The development is led by Álvaro Justen, a prominent Python developer and instructor (author of the popular rows package) and Camila Abrão, former intern at Gazeta do Povo, as our reporter.


Our partners

The founding partners, who in addition to using the beta version of the software are helping in their development, are Folha de S. Paulo, Gazeta do Povo, Nexo Jornal, Nova Escola and Veja. Respectively a national newspaper, a regional newspaper, a business startup, a nonprofit and a weekly magazine. This diversified coalition has been helping us learn how to develop Impacto.jor to apply to different use cases for media.

* * *

How to try it

At the moment the use of the beta version of Impacto.jor is restricted to founding partners. The code will be open-sourced in April 2018, at the same time as a new wave of partners will be announced, who will in turn help us implement new features.

You can send an email to impacto@impacto.jor.br to receive news on the project.


Impacto.jor is possible thanks to: